Releasing your inner sport

Releasing your inner sport

Releasing your inner sportReleasing your inner sportReleasing your inner sport

Who We Are

A note from our head trainer:

Hello and thank you for your interest in Von Sport. I, Theresa Mays, am the owner and lifelong fitness Professional and all around athlete. I bring to you a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding in being able to work with clients of all levels. With careful planning and a vast variety of techniques, I am able to develop a routine to fit your needs. In the process, you’ll discover new energy, strength and balance that will serve greatly to enhance your life. You will find that  “less is more” has been true all along. I would like everyone to enjoy success and to have fun while learning lifelong fitness and nutritional habits that truly make a difference in your quality of life. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and taking this amazing adventure for our future health and longivity together.   

Therésa Mays
Owner & Trainer

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